Who can participate in REDD+ and Why?

The Emissions Reduction (ER) program of Fiji will focus on the islands of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni with an area totalling about 1,685,742 ha (about 90% of Fiji) of critical terrestrial biodiversity. The ER-P accounting area has a population of approximately 734,307 people (86% of the total population). The islands are generally hilly, and the population is often concentrated on coastal plains and undulating rolling hills of peri-urban areas. 

ER program sites have been selected through stakeholder participatory meetings and validated by the REDD+ Steering Committee. There was unanimous agreement to target existing forest area and to select 20 districts with areas at high risk of forest loss and degradation; areas with large communities/settlements at the forest edge; area with high poverty and known biodiversity hotspots.  A representation of 20 districts in the ER-P accounting area include

In Viti Levu the districts include the following:

  • Ba Province
  • District of Nalotawa, Savatu and Tavua
  • Nadroga/Navosa Province
  • Districts of Namataku, Noikoro and Tuvu
  • Ra Province
  • District of Saivou
  • Naitasiri Province
  • Districts of Lutu, Nagonenicolo and Naboubuco
  • Serua Province
  • District of Serua

For Vanua Levu the areas include:

  • Bua Province
  • Bua District
  • Cakaudrove Province
  • Districts of Vaturova, Saqani, Tunuloa and Taveuni
  • Macuata Province
  • Districts of Dreketi, Seaqaqa, Wailevu and Labasa

The 20 districts in the ER-P accounting area have been selected for specific interventions however this does not limit areas outside the priority districts.  All areas that are part of the accounting area may be included in the ER-P activities.  

All participants in the ER-P activities are expected to register with the Ministry of Forestry as the focal point for REDD+ implementation in Fiji.

Did You Know

Did You Know

Deforestation is when forests are destroyed by cutting trees (logging) and not replanting them. Sometimes deforestation happens when people change lands into farms, cities or for other use.